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Destination of the world (DOTW), is an API integration provider and has connected over 1500 cities with travel and agents tour operators from all around the world. If you are willing to integrate API in your website with this seamless connectivity then surely DOTW is the best option. and its a best supplier for b2c travel portal or b2b travel portal development.

b2ctravelportal.com Is one of the premium travel portal service providers and is one of the fine examples of the world API/XML suppliers. Destination of the world (DOTW) has a list of hotels present in 1200 cities and the majority of them are located in Asian countries

Why should you connect with a DOTW XML Supplier for API integration?

As one of the best definitions of the word, Hotel XML supplier b2ctravelportal.com have developed amazing travel portals with the best features for Hotel suppliers, travel management companies, travel agency and others. DOTW processes over 100000 ground benefits for the clients. Also there are 2.3 million bed nights per annum and over 3000 bookings worldwide with DOTW. With the API from this company, you can also offer your clients services like car rental, sightseeing, transfers, hotel booking and others.

The hotel API integration interface of Destination Of The World (DOTW) offers the best travel services to the clients like hotel booking, transfer, sightseeing, packages and much more.

What are the benefits of integrating your travel portal from a DOTW XML supplier?

  • A DOTW XML supplier is accessible 365 days a year and 24*7. Moreover, they can look after the bugs or the website maintenance and offer fast Service.
  • DOTW XML supplier can seamlessly connect over 1,60,000 hotels in more than 1500 destinations from all around the globe.
  • A DOTW supplier provides all reports related to booking to the travel agent or tour operator.
  • Optimized services from a DOTW XML supplier will make your websites compact and completely functional with proper images, descriptions, amenities, location details and interactive maps.

B2ctravelportal.com is a certified Destination Of The World (DOTW) XML supplier and has worked with various clients making their projects fast and functional. Our experienced team has strong mapping with all the static data and can work with all the coding platforms and of course XML API integration. We have served various reputable destination management companies and travel agents in Malaysia, Europe Asia and they are extremely happy with our services.

In case you feel to improve your XML/API integration. contact us as we can integrate the best XML/API for your travel portal development.