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Rooms XML APIs are an accommodation distribution system or service that access hotel room deals forms different hotel suppliers and consolidators. This Rooms XML authorized hotel chain, provides travel agencies, travel companies, and tour operators access to global hotel deals. It also hosts content like multi-city, and group booking combinations. An online accommodation distribution system is software that allows potential guests to self-booking and pay through the website. Rooms XML is a hotel room booking portal that is ideal for online travel portal agencies. Today the major portion of the offline travel agents and travel agencies are connected with online travel companies for the betterment of their business.


RoomsXML OR Stuba API is one of the best hotel supplier consolidators which provide a great facility to the tour operators and customers. Rooms XML is an accommodation distribution system provider which has a connection with over 80,000 hotels, that cover over 180 countries and 15,000 destinations. Rooms XML also covers over 2400 resorts which include self-catering apartments.

Our vision is to endeavour innovative ideas and help our clients increase their inventory with the best hotels and flight booking options. We have a partnership with leading GDS providers like material is Galileo, Amadeus etc.


  • Can help you to build a connection with over 80,000 hotels
  • Has connection with more than 183 countries
  • Covers more than 20000 destinations
  • Includes more than 3000 resorts in its territory
  • Very affordable products rates
  • Services include self-catering apartments and resorts
  • RoomsXML services dominate the global accommodation services

Rooms XML is a great Hotel supplier consolidator that not only helps travel companies to enhance their profitability but also offers a great range of products. The single field of Roomsxml ranges to around 95000 unique accommodations in thousands of destinations all over the world.

Rooms XML hotel resorts and accommodations come with real-time price access and it helps buyers globally to establish a relationship with the properties. Rooms XML provides complete availability during peak seasons at very affordable rates. Moreover, for travel agents and Tour operators, the API provider offers the best solutions to increase the travel business.

We at the leading travel technology provider can help global customers to secure their footsteps in the travel industry with the help of Roomsxml.