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b2ctravelportal.com is a leading travel technology solution provider, offering updated travel Technology. We always design our products keeping in mind the rapidly evolving travel market. We are expert in developing travel b2b portal and travel b2c portal.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, almost the tourism industry has almost fallen. The technological revolution has brought us closer by making tourism and travel affordable and easily bookable.

Almost millions of trips a year was recorded before the pandemic. As the situation has almost come into control, the second wave has almost passed and half the globe is vaccinated, travel businesses are now preparing to offer customers the best travel solutions and make the trips successful.

b2ctravelportal.com believes, that as a travel business provider your goals can only be achieved if your customers get the correct solution to the requirements.

Travel Technology Solution designed by us help travel agents, tour operators and destination management companies to manage Their sales from a single connection.

We support travel business providers with innovative business solutions, travel Technology portals, customised booking software with highly integrated functionalities after properly understanding your business.

What is the meaning of a travel Technology solution?

Travel Technology solution refers to the automation of the travel process that facilitates booking inventory, its back-office operations for tour operators and travel agencies. With a travel Technology solution, customers can easily book travel products like holidays, hotels, flights, buses, cars, and activities online.

Our vision is to endeavour innovative ideas and help our clients increase their inventory with the best hotels and flight booking options. We have a partnership with leading GDS providers like material is Galileo, Amadeus etc.